P2P Food Lab is about YOU and FOOD.

That's right, this web site is a collaborative project to help you produce and share food, in your local neighbourhood. The philosophy behind P2P Food Labs can be summarised in the following four points:

1. From seed to composter: Get involved with every aspect of the life cycle of your food. For example, P2P Food Lab helps you get started growing your own vegetables. For that reason we developed a Starter Kit to make growing vegetables easy and fun. We also help you exchange food with neighbours or help you set up composting.

2. Bringing the peer-to-peer spirit to food: P2P Food Lab is there to help CITIZENS to organise food production COLLABORATIVELY. Peer-to-peer means that we blur the distinction between food producers and food consumers. Be a food prosumer! It also means that you plan food at a community level, together with neighbours, on a voluntary basis.

3. Technology & tools: P2P Food Lab proposes new tools to help you in the local food production chain. We designed a first version of a small greenhouse together with advanced equipment to measure plant growth. We also provide tools to share your experiences or to ask for help online.

4. Commons: Over time, these exchanges will create a very useful source of know-how about gardening, by and for gardeners. And because we believe in Free Software and Open Hardware, we will make all of our tools freely accessible so that you can improve upon them. Build your greenhouse, your food I/O box, your community garden or your composter using our instructables. Happy Hacking!

Get to know us.

OpenGreens, by the artist collective OKNO in Brussels, is the ancestor of the P2P Food Lab project. The OpenGreens wiki and the related Time Inventors Kabinet is full of resources relating to urban food, monitoring systems, and more. It is a major repository for anyone interested in urban gardens, biodiversity, and DIY electronics.

The Sony Computer Science Laboratory in Paris teamed up with OKNO and introduced the P2P concept. Sony CSL is also further developing the technology platform. We will be posting our progress in the P2P Food Lab wiki. We are also setting up a community garden in La Plaine St-Denis, near Paris.

The third partner is the European Center of Living Technology (ECLT), in Venice, Italy. They bring in a team of renowned social scientists analysing the socio-economic dynamics at work within the P2P Food Labs. They plan to build the fourth P2P Food Lab community, joining Brussels, Paris and Barcelona.

The third partner is you, and all the people interested in developping this project further. As we move along, we will publish more and more information about how you can get involved. If you want to join, send us an email at .

News - see all

P2P Food Lab workshop in Paris

P2P Food Lab together with WoMa, OuiShare and DiscoSoupe organised a workshop. The mood was fantastic and 4 greenhouses saw the light of day!

March 24th, 2014

First P2P Food Lab workshop!

ALOTOF and P2P Food Lab organised a first workshop at the Green FabLab at Valldaura. 15 fantastic participants built 10 greenhouses!

March 8th, 2014

Impressions from Rome

I've put up some photos of the Maker Faire in Rome. Check out the news page.

Oct 8th, 2013


Here's a first draft of the instructable. There's still an enourmous amount of work to be done but it's a start! If you feel like helping don't hesitate to contact me!

Oct 2nd, 2013

Next Maker Faire stop:

I'm very happy to say that you will be able to see the P2P Food Lab project at the Maker Faire in Saint Malo. It will be wonderful to show our work in France!

Oct 1st, 2013

We're selected for the Maker Faire Rome!

P2P Food Lab is one of the 200 makers who have been selected for the first major Maker Faire in Europe. We're going to Rome!

July 15th, 2013

We won the OuiShare Awards!

P2P Food Lab won the OuiShare Awards in the P2P category. The competition was tough and we were up against four other fantastic projects that made it to the last round (out of 100 projects all categories confounded). The price was presented by the P2P Foundation. Hurray!

Photo by OuiShare.

May 5th, 2013